June 15, 2024


I will give important tactics for selling on a popular application like Instagram. I will also touch upon topics such as why Instagram, ways to sell on Instagram, and basic legislation.

Today, we all experience online shopping in some way. We buy and rent various products or services. We use dozens of applications and platforms developed for this. Instagram, which has a different place among these applications, has a completely different sales potential. I can say that Instagram is an effective platform where companies can exhibit and sell their products and services. In this sense, it is much more than a simple social media network where people take pictures and share short videos.

Using social media is now mandatory for a business. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that it is the backbone of e-commerce activity. Every day, businesses and sellers try various methods and apply different strategies and marketing tactics to reach more customers and increase sales.

I would like to share with you 7 tactics for selling on Instagram, which are trending lately and where you can achieve 98% efficiency.

What is Selling on Instagram?

First of all, let’s clarify something. What is selling on Instagram? I need to address this issue, albeit briefly. Instagram, which was published in 2010 and later acquired by Facebook, is now a trending application for us.  It has millions of users. Almost all social media users have an Instagram account. Many are also active.

Live broadcast, IGTV, Story, Post etc Instagram, which offers different features, also has a feature and section called InstaShop. With InstaShop we can market products and also services. Selling on Instagram also includes this section.

This area where we can market goods and services forms the basis of our question: What is sales on Instagram? In the shortest sense, I can say that it means reaching our target audience on Instagram, finding our potential customers, and making sales. Do you carry out commercial activities? I definitely recommend you to use this opportunity. I am in favor of actively using Instagram and InstaShop.

7 Tactics for Selling on Instagram

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There are some issues you need to know before offering your products and services for sale. It is essential that you take these into consideration. I have discussed all these issues in 7 articles.

Find and Observe Successful Stores Selling on Instagram

The first and most important tactic is to observe. I can say that generating sales through observation is the most widely used marketing strategy. Analyze your industry and competitors well. Adapt their sales strategies to your own products and services. Highlight your own concept.

Make Focused Sales

What I mean by focused selling is that you decide what you will sell and focus on those products or services. Determine the concept and ensure sales focus on certain topics.

  • Do research on the internet, both on forums and blog sites. List the best-selling products and determine the ones you can sell.
  • Add trending products to your list. Rate existing ones as +2.
  • Analyze your competitors’ products and how they sell them. Identify well the sales methods between each other and how they differ in their marketing styles.
  • Use search engines very actively. Examine not just one Google search engine, but also search engines like Bing, and Yandex. Even use our local search engines in this regard. Identify the most searched products and work well.

Reduce all this data by elimination method and determine the maximum 5 products you will sell. Only use these products to sell on Instagram (You can diversify as the business grows and sales increase). This will be your focused sales strategy.

7 Tactics to Increase Your Selling on Instagram Platform

Make Accurate Competitor Analysis and Different Imitation Sales

Today, competitor analysis is extremely important for every business and individual making career plans. We must identify and analyze our competitors well. Before selling on Instagram, you should decide what and how you will sell. You should differentiate your competitors’ sales style and present it in an original concept. Let’s say you are selling an example carpet. Let’s say your competitors promote this carpet on a poster and support sales over the phone. You can differentiate this style. Get or prepare a poster with a similar logic. Process website information in addition to phone information. You can also write a fee for these banners and aim for more focused sales.

Use Ad Selling Strategy

Instagram is more affordable when it comes to advertising than many networks and platforms. That’s why I recommend you to use advertising opportunities wisely. You can do sales and marketing through advertising. You can directly reach Instagram users in a certain region and filter your ads according to a certain audience. It’s also pretty easy to manage.

Do Influencer Marketing Studies

Many businesses and big brands care about this tactic. It really provides great benefits. You can also sell on Instagram with this sales tactic. Influencer accounts are Instagram accounts that are or are on their way to becoming a phenomenon. You can advertise to these people. Advertising your brand and product on accounts with a high number of followers and high interaction is much more effective than sharing it on your own account. You can also use the Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia service to increase the followers of your own account.

Integrate with InstaShop (Instagram Shop)

InstaShop has been widely used around the world for a long time. It has become popular in our country recently. You should integrate this store with your existing e-commerce site well. You can achieve holistic sales thanks to a common data integration.

Use an Engaging Visual Showcase

Another sales tactic is to market products using interesting and high-quality visuals. There are many paid/free tools with which you can prepare high-quality and impressive Instagram post images. You can prepare your own images using these tools. With the Buy Facebook Like Malaysia package, you can send likes to the content in the link you want. In short, you can like all posts, Pages, videos, photos, and posts on Facebook.

Bonus: Work on Custom Hashtags

Another sales tactic that is not used much but is effective is the use of hashtags.

  1. Identify trending, most searched Instagram hashtags.
  2. Prepare a post suitable for these hashtags.
  3. Share using these hashtags in each post.

This work will ensure that your product post appears in Instagram Discover and search results. Thus, those who do not follow you will be able to see your posts and products.

Note: You can use a maximum of 30 Hashtags in one post. I recommend not exceeding 10 pieces. Otherwise, you may be marked as Spam. If you do not know which hashtags to use, you can review our Instagram Explore Tags article.

Additional Important Information

In addition to sales tactics, you should definitely follow my suggestions below. Buy Tiktok Followers Malaysia service means increasing the number of other users who follow our Tiktok account. The number of followers is one of the most effective factors in becoming a phenomenon on TikTok.

  1. Determine your target audience well and include in your marketing efforts a certain level of target audience, not everyone.
  2. Open an Instagram & Facebook Business Account. This helps build trust in the brand and in you with your customers. Also, engagement, followers, etc. allows you to win. Be sure to reflect your brand’s corporate identity in all product marketing and communication with customers. Carry out special studies for this. For example;
    1. Let your special logo be included in every product visual and campaign work.
    1. Use your social media accounts actively.
    1. You must have a website and an e-commerce site.
    1. Have a hashtag for your brand and institution.
    1. Have a special catalog prepared for your products.
  3. Use secure payment methods and credit card payments.
  4. Use your brand logo as the profile picture of your Instagram account.
  5. Your Instagram account also includes your business phone number, address, website, etc. Information must be included.

Some Legal Legislations to Know

  1. You need to establish a company.
  2. You need to issue an invoice.
  3. You have to make tax payments.

Why Do We Want to Sell on Instagram?

Our question is actually this; “ Why should we sell on Instagram? ” Let’s answer it briefly in point form.

  1. The most popular social media application today is Instagram.
  2. Getting information on certain subjects, spending time, etc. We use it for many purposes. That’s why we can reach everyone, every type of target audience.
  3. Reaching our target audience is easier and more convenient than other social media networks.
  4. Advertising fees are lower.
  5. Instagram offers us many additional features such as Live broadcasts, IGTV, Stories, and Poll Votes.
  6. There is an area and feature called InstaShop just for sales and marketing.

We can briefly say this for Instagram; The product showcase of every business on social media.

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